Signs You Need Hormone Therapy

Throughout our lives, our bodies undergo many changes. We grow taller, experience puberty, and—for women—undergo menopause. Many of these functional changes are directed by the tiny messengers of the body: hormones. Growth hormones circulating in the body help us change from adorable toddlers into successful adults; though many would consider the real change into adulthood to coincide with the development of sexual characteristics, which is triggered by the sex hormones, the most notable being estrogen and testosterone.

Both men and women experience the effects of each of these hormones, with estrogen being the primary sex hormone for women and testosterone the dominant hormone for men. But what happens when the balance of these hormones in the body is disrupted? There are many side effects of hormone deficiency, many of which you may not think are related to a health issue. Below, we will discuss signs that your hormone levels may be erratic, a problem that could be treated with hormone therapy.

Low Libido/Lack of Desire

If you find yourself less interested in sexual activity, this could be a sign of deficient hormone levels. While sex drive certainly wanes over the course of our lifetime, a severe drop in libido is often indicative of a problem. If you feel like your sex drive has dropped significantly, or if your lack of libido is creating unhappiness for you, hormone replacement therapy can help.

Changes in Mood

This symptom of hormone deficiency can be extremely difficult to diagnose and often goes unreported by patients; after all, they are typically looking for physical symptoms, not emotional changes. However, hormones play a vital role in the regulation of mental health. If you are experiencing mood swings, irritability, or even depression, these problems could be a sign of improper hormone levels.

Physical Symptoms

The easiest symptoms to notice for those suffering from hormone deficiency are the physical ones. Erectile dysfunction for men, menopausal disorders for women including hot flashes and night sweats, and shared symptoms among the sexes such as acne, fatigue, and problems losing weight can all signify hormone deficiency; you may even experience issues sleeping.

Consider Hormone Therapy

As you can see, though there are many different symptoms of hormone deficiency, nearly all of them could be wrongly attributed to another health issue. If you are experiencing some of the problems associated with hormone deficiency, schedule a consultation with an experienced doctor and ask if hormone replacement therapy may be right for you. Hormone therapy is a simple and effective treatment option that has helped men and women across the globe find relief.

At the Women’s Wellness Institute of Dallas, we have years of experience diagnosing and treating hormone problems; give us a call today!

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